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122 calls | Updated: 04/22 at 17:43
17:22:03Checking Subject1100 Rebecca LnCall Closed
17:18:57Lost or Found Child1635 E Hwy 264Complaint Only
17:12:51Cid-Interview-Etc1194 Moody LnCall Closed
17:06:07Alarm3942 Le Mason StComplaint Only
16:57:21Accident1204 S Thompson StComplaint Only
16:56:10Welfare Check609 W Maple AveComplaint Only
16:54:41Theft2789 Hampshire AveReport Filed
16:43:18Animal Call3902 Clark AveComplaint Only
16:37:00Accident442 Village LnAccident Report Filed
16:34:29Domestic Disturbance1900 Sisco AveComplaint Only
16:33:34Domestic Disturbance2200 E Mountain RdComplaint Only
16:29:41Suicide-Attempted Suicide1701 S 64Th StComplaint Only
16:27:34Welfare Check2004 S Pleasant StComplaint Only
16:20:29Animal Call2423 E Robinson AveUnable to Locate
16:14:52Disturbance1100 Rebecca LnComplaint Only
16:09:44Contact Form312 W Emma AveCall Closed
16:07:41Disturbance1298 Electric AveCall Closed
16:05:52Follow Up2736 Kasey AveCall Closed
16:05:21Transport214 N Lincoln StCall Closed
15:43:41Animal Call311 Michael StCall Closed
15:43:35Lost or Stolen Tag2200 E Mountain RdReport Filed
15:41:27Flagged Down1404 Silent Grove RdComplaint Only
15:41:13Welfare Check4547 Pebble AveComplaint Only
15:37:10Domestic Disturbance1316 Aq CirComplaint Only
15:30:18Phone Log2282 Fleming DrCall Closed
15:15:53Theft2194 Eleanor StReport Filed
15:13:57Traffic Hazard1000 N 40Th StComplaint Only
15:13:33Animal Call2648 Willow Bend CirCall Closed
15:12:44Checking Subject610 E Grove AveCall Closed
15:07:05Follow Up1906 W Huntsville AveCall Closed
15:04:33Traffic Stop400 W Emma AveCall Closed
15:03:33School Assignment2878 Powell StCall Closed
14:53:25School Assignment2700 Butterfield Coach RdCall Closed
14:36:12Warrant Service-Misd1419 Dick Smith StCall Closed
14:35:15Special Assignment804 Gail StCall Closed
14:30:16Follow Up2004 S Pleasant StCall Closed
14:05:30Accident - Private Property1281 S 48Th StCall Closed
13:57:40Parking Violation1400 Westwood AveUnable to Locate
13:52:43Follow Up3114 Pullman DrCall Closed
13:44:34Suspicious Person217 S West End StComplaint Only
13:41:38Fraud2200 E Mountain RdReport Filed
13:31:13Transport128 Spring StCall Closed
12:48:28Accident1772 W Sunset AveAccident Report Filed
12:48:25Animal Call3580 Carley RdUnable to Locate
12:10:43Domestic Disturbance2100 Turner StCall Closed
12:05:18Follow Up2885 N Thompson StCall Closed
12:00:09Reckless512 N Thompson StCall Closed
11:51:07Accident812 N Thompson StAccident Report Filed
11:50:40Trespassing104 Quandt AveCall Closed
11:49:13Domestic Disturbance715 Maria StCall Closed
11:48:12Follow Up1906 W Huntsville AveCall Closed
11:44:15Traffic Stop3598 S 48Th StCall Closed
11:35:34Traffic Stop3964 W Don Tyson PkyCall Closed
11:35:13Animal Call3074 S 48Th StUnable to Locate
11:34:43Animal Call3708 Amberwood StUnable to Locate
11:26:59Alarm2475 Willow Bend CirResponse Cancelled By Caller or Pd
11:21:49Sex Offenses2398 Harry StReport Filed
11:20:23Safety Ck of Premises1008 W Sunset AveCall Closed
11:16:48Parking Violation1441 Fredonia StCall Closed
11:11:32Animal Call2060 Orchard StUnable to Locate
11:11:06Follow Up1911 Elm Springs RdCall Closed
10:58:25Abandoned Vehicle1410 Morlan AveCall Closed
10:41:11Follow Up2742 Yorkshire CirCall Closed
10:39:02Animal Call1413 Buena Vista CirCall Closed
10:37:45Animal Call2402 Turner StComplaint Only
10:33:16Traffic Stop762 Mill StCall Closed
10:22:32Follow Up12434 Ervin Mcgarrah RdCall Closed
10:19:27Accident1281 S 48Th StCall Closed
10:16:28Drugs-Narcotics2755 Carondolet StReport Filed
10:16:11Drugs-Narcotics2755 Carondolet StReport Filed
10:09:48Lost-Found Property128 Spring StCall Closed
10:03:55Animal Call2001 Platt StComplaint Only
10:01:44Suspicious Person1010 N Thompson StComplaint Only
09:44:59Disturbance2200 E Mountain RdCall Closed
09:35:08Alarm4808 S Thompson StCall Closed
09:19:33Animal Bite321 E Randall Wobbe LnCall Closed
09:14:12Attempt to Contact1930 E Mountain RdCall Closed
09:10:30Suspicious Vehicle606 Virginia StReport Filed
08:50:43Traffic Stop306 S Thompson StCall Closed
08:49:29Agency Assist2702 Trudi PlCall Closed
08:48:29Animal Call838 N 48Th StUnable to Locate
08:48:21Accident1597 E Hwy 264Accident Report Filed
08:47:48Follow Up109 San Jose DrCall Closed
08:45:49Domestic Disturbance715 Maria StCall Closed
08:42:16Abandoned Vehicle1305 Crutcher StCall Closed
08:33:21Pursuit100 S Thompson StCall Closed
08:32:04Checking Subject115 Pursell StCall Closed
08:17:16Domestic Battery Report1901 Shady Grove RdReport Filed
08:11:35Animal Call2206 S Thompson StComplaint Only
08:09:12Accident8250 San Marco AveAccident Report Filed
08:07:27Accident1100 I-540Accident Report Filed
08:03:31Welfare Check1236 Sunrise AveCall Closed
07:51:07Accident1303 S Thompson StAccident Report Filed
07:48:14Animal Call1601 Oriole StCall Closed
07:36:56Traffic Stop104 Quandt AveCall Closed
07:36:48School Assignment900 Powell StCall Closed
07:36:11Traffic Stop1850 Mcray AveCall Closed
07:26:39School Assignment3511 Silent Grove RdCall Closed
07:25:43Traffic Stop1850 Mcray AveCall Closed
07:25:41Traffic Stop1850 Mcray AveCall Closed
07:08:07School Assignment1850 Mcray AveCall Closed
07:07:49School Assignment2700 Butterfield Coach RdCall Closed
07:06:59Traffic Stop309 Oaklawn DrCall Closed
07:06:06School Assignment400 Quandt AveCall Closed
07:04:35School Assignment3390 Habberton RdCall Closed
07:01:49School Assignment420 N West End StCall Closed
07:00:11Stalled Vehicle7771 Harber AveCall Closed
06:55:24Citizen Assist/Contact1211 Hembree AveCall Closed
06:38:46Breaking or Entering706 Maple DrReport Filed
06:29:03Transport1155 ClydesdaleCall Closed
04:33:10Traffic Stop320 E Robinson AveComplaint Only
04:33:04Domestic Disturbance2124 W Sunset AveReport Filed
04:12:12Checking Vehicle1945 Butterfield Coach RdComplaint Only
02:12:04Checking Subject5000 Luvene AveCall Closed
00:58:49Traffic Stop1904 Thrush StComplaint Only
00:51:20Checking Vehicle4451 N Thompson StComplaint Only
00:49:02Domestic Disturbance1202 Backus AveReport Filed
00:31:38Suspicious Activity4451 N Thompson StCall Closed
00:28:16Traffic Stop4828 W Sunset AveComplaint Only
00:21:41Checking Vehicle1471 Apache TrComplaint Only
00:20:52Transport214 N Lincoln StCall Closed
00:03:12Checking Subject2199 Scottsdale StComplaint Only